How to Lose 20 Pounds, what to do (and what not to do!) to lose weight once and for all


How to Lose 20 Pounds, what to do (and what not to do!) to lose weight once and for all


Your search for answers ends here.

Unlike other impractical regimented programs, this ebook and audio combo elegantly describes the difference between different types of exercises, clues you in to some of the biggest mistakes people make in their weight loss efforts and gives you a whole new perspective.

You'll be able to understand what you've been doing wrong all this time and make simple changes to get back on track. You'll gain control with this whole fitness and weight loss topic and be able to make smart choices that you can feel great about in the process - choices that will create lasting change for you.

“Read Suzanne’s ebook, it’s WONDERFUL!

Suzanne's approach to weight loss and fitness is unique, effective, and lasting because it is very easy to follow and extremely realistic. She is very in tune with the how the average person struggles with weight loss and creates a plan that you can actually stick to, and feel great about in the process.

People should run, skip, whistle, and sing their way towards learning Suzanne's methods. They are not quick fixes, they are solid tools that you can use to make permanent changes in your life, in small steps, to feel and look the best you didn't know was possible.

-Jess Kwerel, Nationally Board Certified mental health counselor, dog lover, and life long student of healthy, whole body living

Pick up your copy and start feeling lighter today.

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