The 3 step cheat sheet to indulging in the foods you crave without sabotaging your weight loss

It seems that diets aren’t working. A lot of people go from plan to plan, trying out the fiber shakes, 21 day extreme fixes and anything else they can get their hands on to give some relief from the pudge.

It can feel restrictive and sucky and you’re left feeling tortured smelling tater tots while you chug your no-fun shake.

One of the not-so-shocking reasons these plans don’t work is because they’re unsustainable. Very few people are able to vibrantly, passionately walk through 70+ years of life without enjoying chocolate, butter, ice cream, wine, bread, cheese, pasta, oil, etc.

I mean, seriously.

And from a fitness professionals point of view, I can tell you that my 2 best clients lost a total of 171lbs by eating highly nutritious, high quality foods AND enjoying fried chicken, cheesecake, and McDonalds.

I haven’t worked with either Kim Levine or Nathan Weiner in 6+ years and they’re still fit, happy, vibrant and effortlessly comfortable in their own skin.

BECAUSE! they set themselves up to lose weight in a way that was sustainable over the long term. Not just a quick fix.

Ok so here are the 3 questions to ask yourself when deciding what to eat.

1. How hungry am I?

Is that hungry feeling physiological or are you just bored?
Are you trying to skirt around emotions? Fear? Discomfort?
Avoiding an awkward conversation?

If your avoiding things, feel the feelings or have the conversation instead of eating the food. Meditate, do yoga, exercise, or even just sit with yourself for a few breaths. If you decide to eat, you’re still gonna feel fear AND be overstuffed. Ugh.

Begin the practice of eating when you’re physiologically hungry and stopping when you’re physiologically full. The goal is NOT to be 100% perfect at this, but to simply become a bit better at it. You'll eat up eating a LOT less, and eating a lot less of what you didn't really want anyway.

2. How good is this food for me?

Here’s what I mean by this..

Choose foods that are fresher, organically grown and high in nutrients. I didn’t say each and every food you eat has to fall in this category!! Simply trend more in this direction.

Choose less packaged foods (I didn’t say none. I said less. No need to go dumping out the cabinets).

IF you’re choosing foods that have an ingredient list, pick the foods with a shorter list, mostly listing things that you can pronounce or recognize.

3. How happy will this food make me?

Do you like how the food you’re eating tastes?
Find foods that satisfy you, that you LOVE! that you’re craving in that moment…foods that make you close your eyes and go “nmh.”

This is the key. Most diets lack satisfaction. Like real satisfaction. You get a list of what you can’t have (which is then ALL you want!) Many people resentfully max out their willpower and then the floodgates open on the chocolate eating, they feel terrible about themselves and the cycle starts all over.

When you take all 3 of these factors into account, your calorie count will often take care of itself. It’s tough to eat too many calories when you’re naturally satisfied by high quality foods that you love.

My clients and I are living proof that you can ease up on the restriction, respectfully eat whatever you want and effortlessly and happily live at your ideal weight.

Another way to effortlessly live as a fit person is to powerfully increase your metabolism so you burn more calories all day long, even while sitting on the couch.

Combine the two for powerful results.