Gain Control - 2 Hour Session

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Gain Control - 2 Hour Session


Understand what you're doing wrong and why things aren't working for you. You'll get easy to follow and extremely realistic advice to your most burning fitness questions from a professional, personable, non-judgmental source. You'll gain a whole new mindset, a whole new perspective and chances are, you'll get to cut yourself a whole bunch of slack in the process.

In this session, we'll cover the following 5 steps, focusing on the ones that are most relevant for you.

1. You'll get to share your exercise and fitness struggles with me, an experienced, non-judgmental professional who's on your side.

2. Next, you'll get to tell me what you’d like to achieve. This can be anything as it relates to your fitness and lifestyle goals. I can help you determine YOUR ideal weight, whether it be at a size 2 or size 12 or somewhere else.

3. Using sound exercise concepts, we’ll develop a tailored plan specifically for YOU. In curating this plan, we let go of as many parts of the process that you don’t like as possible and dial up as many parts of the process that you DO like as possible.

What does this look like in practice? Alex is a night owl and started out by running twice a week at 2am under the moonlight. Sammie is taking pole dancing classes twice a week for two hours each. Another client does workout videos at home with her kids.

What I think a lot of people misunderstand about exercise, - what they don’t realize - is that different types of exercise give you different types of benefits. Some types of exercise are mostly good for your heart, some are mostly good for your mind. Some are excellent at burning fat.

Exercises designed for fat burning can also become useless if used in the wrong order, at the wrong intensity or at the wrong time. It’s ok. It’s a sea of conflicting information out there and you likely haven’t been formally trained in exercise science. It IS an art and a science. Luckily, I can teach you a LOT of the basics in 2 hours or less. Understanding makes a big difference. It’ll give you flexibility, control and you’ll know exactly what to expect and exactly what you’re accomplishing.

4. We'll discuss your eating habits and mutually decide on some easy changes that support your life, your goals and your preferences. Yep, you can drink beer. Yep, you can eat butter and dessert. It’s all about feeding yourself well in a respectful way.

5. The 5th step we cover is mindset. How are you acting and thinking about being fit, or living into your goals? Often, the people who are the fittest, who have the easiest time of it, who have the most fun with it, think about being fit in a much different way than you do. We bridge that gap. Of course… with your life, your goals, and your preferences in mind.

Through this process, we also cover any other emotional, mental or lifestyle factors that play into this for you. This could include planning meals with family. Planning for a big dream of yours that could be easier and more fun once you're a little lighter or a little stronger. It can also include interpersonal considerations and time management for fitting in exercise. Anything that's relevant for you to include here.

You'll have individualized access to my 20+ years of personal and professional experience. Over 100 individual clients have benefited from this work, many who enjoy lasting change and are sitting comfortably in well-fitting pants.

As a bonus, you'll also unlimited email support for 6 weeks after your session.

Book your session and gain control today.

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