How do you mentally prepare to lose weight?

So, the first step. Imagine you’re at your goal weight. You feel FANTASTIC, inside and out.

See if you can connect to that feeling, once a day, or twice a day, or a couple times a day, or maybe you can step right into that feeling and walk around all day in that type of feeling, walk across the room in that feeling, get into and out of the car feeling like that.

Incredibly, incredibly powerful.

To support this, think of little things you can do for yourself to really help you feel your best, feel so happy and so joyful about how you’re presenting yourself, and sometimes that can mean people refreshing their clothes or getting a fresh haircut, or really it could be anything.

It’s whatever would make you feel more amazing about yourself, today.

Whatever will make you feel like you’re at your most fabulous, best goal weight.

And that mental aspect is hugely, hugely powerful in this whole process.

The next step is to line up your actions with that.

So, it is helpful to care for your body by increasing your metabolism and taking action to get to your goal weight as well.

That’s something I definitely help people with. I often help people get there faster, more powerfully and with a lot less effort. If you’d like to explore that, reach out. We can chat to see if 1:1 coaching would be appropriate for you.

Suzanne Reilley