How to stop snacking when you're not hungry

So how do you stop snacking when you’re not hungry?

The first step is to set the intention to simply notice a time when you’re snacking and you’re not hungry. The act of pausing and noticing is so, so powerful, to simply say oh, huh, I’m snacking and.. I’m not hungry!

The second thing I recommend is to pause snacking for a moment and consider what experience is also going on? What experience might you potentially avoiding or potentially wanting to reduce the experience of a bit?

For some people it’s boredom, for some people it’s anxiety, for some people it’s a challenging conversation. And simply notice, what might you be trying to solve with snacking?

The next step is to simply see if you can be present with that, whatever it is, for even one moment, or two moments or a few moments, and just explore and see what happens.

And with that, you’ll have your own sense of why you might be snacking when you’re not hungry, and a way to shift that experience to be able to manage those emotions more directly, and shortcut that pattern of you snacking that way.

There’s nothing wrong with snacking!

But in this question, you’re simply trying to stop snacking when you’re not hungry and when you might even not want the snack.

So, that’s a real powerful way to get started with that.

If you’d like to coach with me, we can certainly go much deeper on this, in sustainably shifting any of those thoughts, emotions, energy, internal patterns that are feeding your drive to snack when you’re not hungry, to free up some energy, to help you not have such a pull towards this.

You can explore coaching with me, here.

Suzanne Reilley