Is exercising before bed bad?

People often ask, “what’s the best time to workout?” And really, it depends on the person. It depends when feels best to you.

When is going to be easiest for you?

When is going to fit into your schedule best?

When’s going to fit best for you, personally?

…and that’s the best time for you to workout.

So, night owls are going to love working out at night. The early birds are going to love working out in the morning, and that is all perfect.

To this specific question, is exercising before bed, bad? I don’t think so at all. If you’re exercising pretty close to bed, it could potentially keep you awake. Cause you have all that energy and endorphins rolling through your body.

But to answer the question succinctly, no, I don’t think exercising before bed is bad at all.

Suzanne Reilley