What Do I Think Of The Keto Diet?

So it makes sense that you’d want a ready-made process to lose weight. 

...the weight you gained while you were in a slump

…or a lame relationship

…or while partying with your friends in Vegas

…or that creeped on while you were traveling the globe 

...or extra busy at work

(or maybe all of the above) You want to reset. Lose the booty. Slim down.Like, NOW. I get it.

Ok, let’s talk…(Take a deep breath and consider this...) Think back to your last diet. What was the experience like? What kind of immediate results did you see? And how much sexier did you feel 6 months after? You probably didn’t love the experience (to put it lightly), maybe saw some initial results, but it was so hard (and annoying) to keep up and you were worse off after. And chances are, you keep going this route cause you think it’s the only way. See...

95% of the fitness industry believes that exercise has to be grueling to be effective, that you must abide by exacting standards to be successful, and that you should fit into their one-size fits all program (which btw is ever-changing.. remember the fat-free craze of the 90’s?)

It’s ok tho cause guess what? I’ve been bucking the system.

Since rigid diet systems never felt right as a person or as a pro, I took the basics of exercise science (which haven’t changed in like 30 years) and made them work for me.

Two of my most successful clients (Kim, who lost a whopping 101 pounds, and Nathan, who lost 70+), incorporated cheesecake, steak, and fried chicken into their eating habits. And guess what? 9 years later, they're both still rocking their weight loss. Because there's no torturous regimen to recover from. No sucky period of low energy.

Only simple, small, moderate changes that snowballed into real, lasting results.

How does it work?

Think about it this way.

Imagine your kid (or sisters kid) or friend’s kid is struggling in school. And in order to help them improve their grades, you lock them in their room with all their books, demand they study an extra four hours each night after school, and an extra hour in the morning in order to catch up. How sustainable or effective do you think that approach might be? Even for a quick jumpstart?

What if instead, you asked what was giving them grief. Maybe together, you identify one or two simple, small moderate changes that could make a real difference in their schoolwork. Maybe something the kid even found (really) fun.

How do you think those results might unfold (even in the short term) and over time?

So what do I think of keto (and other diets)? I think they’re unnecessarily rigid. And they don’t seem to be serving people that well. So if you want to try on the idea that (with my professional guidance), the fun and easy path can actually be way more effective than the rigid one.

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Suzanne Reilley