What should you do on rest days?

So, I love this question because I think, even across the fitness industry, I don’t think we’re giving rest days the prominence they deserve.

And rest days are SOO important in an exercise plan because there are times when you stress your muscles, and there are times when you stress your body in order to get fitter in different ways, and it’s really important to have those rest days to rebuild your body and allow your body the time and space to make the changes and shifts that it needs to make.

So, what should you do on rest days?

Couple different thoughts to this so, if you’re working out pretty intensely on your workout days, you can certainly do some type of light movement on your rest days if you want.

It could be some light biking or restorative yoga, a walk with friends or any type of light activity like that.


I think there’s a bit of an overemphasis these days on needing to do something every day, and I’m not a believer in that, at all. I don’t think that’s necessary.

So on rest days, you can REST!

You can watch movies or go shopping or whatever!

Basically, you can do anything you want besides exercising on rest days.

And if you have a workout plan that’s set up to be really effective and created really intentionally, those rest days will serve you really, really well.

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Suzanne Reilley