Suzanne has empowered me to regain my strength, confidence, and courage to make the necessary (and difficult) changes over the years…She inspires me endlessly, to live a healthy WHOLE life.

People should run, skip, whistle, and sing their way towards learning Suzanne’s methods. They are not quick fixes; they are solid tools you can use to make permanent changes in your life, in small steps, to feel and look the best you didn’t know was possible.
— Jess Kwerel, Licensed Professional Counselor, dog lover, and lifelong student of healthy whole-body living

Suzanne helped me understand the mechanics of weight loss; that cardio wasn’t enough to actually lose weight and that weight training would help build muscle which in turn would speed my metabolism and allow me to burn more calories. We also discussed nutrition and she helped me understand how I might be short-circuiting my efforts through poor diet choices.

Suzanne encouraged me to not cut out the foods that I liked but to include them in moderation. I think this way key because I was able to sustain this new way of eating without depriving myself at times of the foods that I’ve always loved.
— Kim Levine, CFO, CityFirst Bank
Before I hop on the plane to Germany I wanted to say I love you. I am so so so thankful to have you in my life and I would not be sitting here doing what I always dreamed of if I didn’t have you in my life. You are such a beautiful soul and I am blessed to know you.
— Kat Blacknall, Stylist

The biggest thing that was great about Suzanne was that she developed a plan that was doable and that I enjoyed. I always felt comfortable, felt like we connected personally, and had fun. I have been done for months and am driven, but continue to use elements I learned from Suzanne.

Suzanne used a lot of different techniques with me, and I always felt like I was in good hands.
— Nathan Weiner, Rabbi
Before working with Suzanne, I put a whole lot of effort in, but nothing was working. I was getting really fed up with the regimented-ness of programs that I tried.

Working with Suzanne gave me a whole new perspective. I have a completely different mindset since working together. I love how Suzanne’s so personable and non-judgmental.

I’m feeling myself getting stronger. I feel like I have control and I’m really enjoying my workouts again! As a mom, I’m setting such a better example for my kids than I was before. I feel like what I’m doing now, they can be a part of and that’s really important as a family.
— Mary Hoagland Nason

Suzanne listens to your goals and tailors the workouts to meet those needs. Her challenging sessions are creative and unique, which keeps the process fun and exciting. In addition, her laid back and witty personality makes her a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone.
— Kelly Jordan

I felt that I made considerable progress even though I was working with you only once a week. You were organized and inventive for each of my sessions and I appreciated your recognition of my limitations and requests. You were always up beat and positive, you’ve good people skills.
— Margy Pastor