Working out and nothing’s happening?

If you’re like most people, you keep trying stuff, nothing’s working and you’re getting fed up. You’re tired of special little meals and tired of trying to fool yourself into believing that a mashed up banana in the freezer is actually ice cream. Working out can feel like you just gotta get through this 30 minutes of your life.

Take control.

Using my 20+ years of professional and real-life experience, we’ll create a plan that you can actually stick to, and feel great about in the process.

  • No red boxes, points or strict diets. Here, we talk more about enjoying excellent, tasty food instead of mindlessly gobbling crappy snacks. You can have your ice cream. The real thing. Because the watered down sugar free crap just makes people eat twice as much trying to fill the craving. Because denying yourself leads to hoarding.

  • No workouts that you HAVE to do. You don’t HAVE to do pre-assigned cardio. You don’t HAVE to go running. We focus on what YOU like to do. We focus on the things you actually enjoy and how you’re gonna have the most fun.

  • Utilizing my fitness expertise, we make sure the activities you choose are in line with your fitness and lifestyle goals. This is often overlooked when people go it alone.

Lots of exercises and recommendations floating around these days are great for your health, but incredibly inefficient for weight loss. Exercises designed for fat burning can also become useless if used in the wrong order, at the wrong intensity or at the wrong time.

It’s ok. It’s a sea of conflicting information out there and you likely haven’t been formally trained in exercise science. It IS an art and a science.

Luckily, I can teach you a LOT of the basics in 2 hours or less. Understanding makes a big difference. It’ll give you flexibility, control and you’ll know exactly what to expect and exactly what you’re accomplishing.

  • Understand what you’re doing. If you’re like most people, you try workout videos, try planks, try pedometers because other people are using them. When it doesn’t work you think, I’ve tried everything, it’s not working for me. You try harder and still don’t see results. Then get tired and fed up.

Those videos are made for the masses and those folks with the pedometers might be trying to figure things out, just like you are! They may also have different histories, physical considerations or different goals than you. With a greater understanding of the basics, you can make choices that feel great in the process and create lasting results for YOU.

  • No judgements. Sure, you got to this point for a reason. There’s no need to feel like crap about it. We’ll find a better balance for you that’s effective and lasting. Using an easy, effortless, calm-natured approach.

  • This is YOUR time, not another thing you have to do. Every solution is aligned with your goals, your life, your preferences and your values. Erin got back to her yoga practice. Sammie excitedly took up pole dancing classes. Mary loves playing zombie tag, and following lists of weight training exercises. She’s setting a strong example for her 6 kids. We curate your plan and make sure it works seamlessly with your hectic life.

  • No need to work out every day. When you’re trying to burn fat and lose weight, a very well tailored 2-3 days a week can be more than enough. Clients often breathe a HUGE sigh of relief after we talk, when they find out that losing weight is a LOT more manageable than they thought.


“Before working with Suzanne, I put a whole lot of effort in, but nothing was working. I was getting really fed up with the regimentedness of programs that I tried. I was tired of hearing that if I buy these special little meals and measure everything out that I’m magically gonna lose weight. Maybe some people can do that. I can’t. I’ve tried. I don’t stick with it. I get tired of it. It’s not practical. I wanted to know what I was doing wrong.

Working with Suzanne gave me a whole new perspective. I have a completely different mindset since we talked. I now understand the benefits of different types of exercise. This gives me control to pick my own routine and also make sure I have the right balance of stuff. I love how Suzanne’s so personable and non-judgmental. She’s firmer than the Bob Harper’s out there and kinder than Jillian Michaels.

I’m feeling myself getting stronger. I feel like I have control and I’m really enjoying my workouts again! As a mom, I’m setting such a better example for my kids than I was before. I feel like what I’m doing now, they can be a part of and that’s really important as a family. My 6 year old son said to me, Mommy now that you’re not so chubby anymore, you can really play well with us and I really like it!”

-Mary Hoagland Nason, Musician and mother of 6

“Read Suzanne’s ebook, it’s WONDERFUL!

Suzanne's approach to weight loss and fitness is unique, effective, and lasting because it is very easy to follow and extremely realistic. She is very in tune with the how the average person struggles with weight loss and creates a plan that you can actually stick to, and feel great about it then process.

Suzanne has empowered me to regain my strength, confidence, and courage to make the necessary (and difficult) changes over the years to take immaculate care of myself and move into the best version of myself that I can become. She inspires me endlessly, to live a healthy WHOLE life; physically, nutritionally, mentally, and emotionally.

People should run, skip, whistle, and sing their way towards learning Suzanne's methods. They are not quick fixes, they are solid tools that you can use to make permanent changes in your life, in small steps, to feel and look the best you didn't know was possible.

-Jess Kwerel, Nationally Board Certified Mental Health Counselor, dog lover, and life long student of healthy, whole body living

Get some insight and gain control with the How to Lose 20 Pounds Course, the How to Quit Overeating Course, or go here for private coaching.

“The main reason I reached out to Suzanne is because I wanted to get my groove back. Losing weight was part of it, of course, as was feeling stronger. But there was a less tangible goal, the need to feel like I was in control, like I enjoyed my body and that I was able to create the changes I needed.

I spent a lot of time and energy last summer on some small home-improvement projects. And when they were done, I realized that I could put that time and energy towards Rebecca-improvement projects. I got a haircut, and a manicure, replaced any makeup that was older than my children, and then I called Suzanne.

I have three little boys, a big affectionate dog, and several unpredictable jobs, so fitting in workouts will always be a challenge. And I hate running, which is usually the easiest exercise to squeeze into a hectic day.  But Suzanne encouraged me to do interval workouts on my home treadmill and use the Arc Trainer at the gym – both of which felt a lot less awful than running, but still worked up a good sweat.  I have started keeping exercise clothes in my car, in case I am able to leave work a little early and get a quick cardio workout before I go home.

As for nutrition, I enjoy food and cooking, and strict diets have never worked for me.  But actually, talking about good food and sharing recipes with Suzanne makes me think more about enjoying excellent, tasty food, instead of mindlessly gobbling crappy snacks.  Of course, she gave me a recipe for squash soup, and I gave her a recipe for chocolate cookies, so it might not be a fair exchange.

I’m only a few pounds from my happy weight, which is a nice, quantifiable affirmation of my hard work. I definitely have more energy and feel more fit, in general.  I used to save my energy for the kids, then collapse with a book and a big glass of wine as soon as they went to bed.  Now I have energy left over for me!  The real proof came during the big December snow.  My husband and I spent all day digging out the car, helping neighbors shovel, sledding with the boys, hauling firewood, and pushing stranded drivers out of snowdrifts.  The next day, he could barely stand.  I didn’t feel a single ache.

-Rebecca Roberts, Program Coordinator, Smithsonian Institution

“I was concerned about making time for my workouts. I kept putting it off. But after just one session with Suzanne I was able to make time for it and make it work. It’s easy and it feels good. It feels very loving to do this for myself and I see how it’s my time, not another thing I have to do. Also, I love Suzanne’s easy, effortless calm-natured approach.”

-Erin McGuire, Reiki Master, Intuitive Life Coach and Entrepreneur